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The Levantine Institute of Tripoli is the only independent Arabic learning center in the northern city and the first in Lebanon to prioritize a community engagement component.
Seasonal distribution of coastal mesozooplankton community in relation to the environmental factors in Iskenderun Bay (North-east Levantine, Mediterranean Sea).
Do spare some appetite for their desserts - featuring gems like soft kunafa, a levantine cheese pastry soaked in a sugary syrup and osmalliah, the crispy baked vermicelli item topped with orange blossom clotted cream, rose petal jam and roasted pistachios.
Recently, the FSA and the Levantine Front have come under fire at two different cities -- Tal Rifa'at and Mar'e -- as the ISIL group has launched numerous suicide attacks and mortar shells to weaken the frontline defenses of the other rebel forces, while they attempt to push North towards the Azaz border-crossing and South towards the provincial capital.
However they are most commonly found among Ashkenazi Jews in Europe, where a third of all maternal bloodlines are Levantine.
Needless to say, a bond as such almost always creates economic and investment opportunities for the Levantine countries and their peoples.
Meanwhile, Lakotrypis said that even with the revised estimates, the find is still regarded as the third biggest in the Levantine Basin of the eastern Mediterranean that includes Israeli gasfields, as well as potential gasfields further north within Lebanese waters that have yet to be explored.
When Anoush Pakradounian steps off the boat and feels Levantine heat on her cheek like a caress, she thinks she knows where she's going: she thinks she knows who's right and who's wrong.
Gozo, all day dining with an active open kitchen will offer signature dishes from the Mediterranean and Levantine in vibrant surroundings.
The Minister indicated the existence of interesting new oil discoveries in Egypt, Palestine, Cyprus and Lebanon, referring to a report issued by the United States Geological Survey on estimates of the potentials available at Levantine Basin in eastern Mediterranean which stretches from Palestine in the south to Lattakia in the north reaching Cyprus in the west.
Burke reviews the place of Levantine archaeology in American academia; the picture is not overly encouraging, particularly for the younger generation of scholars.
Syria lies in the Levantine continental margin of the Arabian Plate.