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Levy and Higham's volume does so by the application of radiocarbon dating to a variety of Iron Age sites in the southern Levant; standard practice in archaeology elsewhere but something which has been embarrassingly rare in south Levantine Iron Age research.
The earliest layers (F-H) at Ucagizli Cave yield assemblages of stone artefacts typical of the Levantine Initial Upper Palaeolithic.
Regarding Egypt, Manning's critique of Manfred Bietak's "ultra low" chronology for the Levantine Middle Bronze Age, based on Bietak's excavations at Tell ed-Daba, the Hyksos capital of Avails, is thorough and perceptive.
Khazen added that the Vatican was now in talks with Western states and is urging them to adopt policies that would help achieve stability and security for Levantine Christians.
In modern parlance, if one looks at the drawings in the volume (1951:91-107), the assemblages from Layers B-F belong to the two main Upper Palaeolithic traditions, the Ahmarian and Levantine Aurignacian.
Rowlands said several international companies had already shown keen interest in extracting Lebanon's oil and gas, saying that the discovery of deposits prompted a "stampede to explore the deepwater of the Levantine Basin.
of Michigan) that reconstructs the general social history of the independent city-states of the Levantine coast under the Persian empire at the levels of the individual household, the city-state, and the administrative unit of the Persian empire.
Contributions include attempts to move away from detailed morphological attributes in favor of technical analyses, challenging assumptions inherent in some classification systems of southern Levantine ceramics.
Moreover, Dever's idiosyncratic and often opinionated views about Levantine archaeology are becoming wearisome: it is inappropriate in the extreme to call Martin Bernal a "charlatan" (p.
NNA - Takfeeris counter all religions, former army general Michel Aoun warned today the closing session of the Levantine Christian's Conference held at Sin-el-Fil Hilton/Habtoor Hotel.
The Lebanese beauty isn't usually one to shy away from the spotlight or the opportunity to share her words of wisdom on the web, but since her high profile split from Ahmad Abu Hashima the Levantine diva has been unusually quiet.
Summary: According to an old Levantine dictum, when Syria sneezes Lebanon gets the flu.