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A similar photograph of Hugh Grant was published around the world after his arrest on a similar charge of lewd conduct committed two miles away on Sunset Boulevard.
There's a no-tolerance policy on lewd conduct,'' Godinez said.
Michael is charged with lewd conduct in a public place under section 647(F) of the Californian Penal Code.
The artist's work has got him arrested several times in America for lewd conduct and blocking pedestrian traffic.
One San Fernando Valley man, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he pleaded no contest in 2001 to a single charge of lewd conduct with a minor from incidents that allegedly happened in the early 1970s.
He tells the TV host he is grateful for the public support he received in the wake of his arrest for lewd conduct by undercover officers in the park's public toilets.
If a complaint is made by a member of the public, those involved could be charged with lewd conduct or breach of the peace.
Wempe was charged with 42 counts of child molestation; Lovell with 11 counts of lewd conduct upon a child.
A Different Story charts the highs and lows of Michael's life and career - from his rise to fame to his 1998 arrest for lewd conduct at a public toilet in Beverley Hills.
THE recent obscene behaviour by oiks abroad, which involved excessive drinking, lewd conduct in private and public, puking on the streets and "bottling" a fellow holidaymaker, has resulted in an interesting response.
One high-profile client was George Michael, where VF1 did damage limitation work for the singer after his infamous arrest in Los Angeles for lewd conduct.
The jury deliberated just over a day before convicting Gray, 54, of two counts of lewd conduct with a child and one count each of forcible lewd act with a child, aggravated child molestation, corporal injury to a child and child abuse.