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H202 at physiological concentrations modulates Leydig cell function inducing oxidative stress and apoptosis.
which included a juvenile GCT, Leydig cell tumors, and SertoliLeydig cell tumors, were positive for inhibin immunohistochemistry and negative for FOXL2 mutations.
The impairment of Leydig cell function was evinced by its reduced nuclear area and lower number of mature Leydig cells.
Luteinising hormone (LH) was elevated, which may indicate subtle hormonal dysfunction of the Leydig cells.
16% 270% (c) Treatment Leydig Cell Nuclear Differential Counts Area ([micro] Mature Degenerated Fibroblast [m.
In males, LH stimulates testosterone production from specialized cells called Leydig cells.
Work of Pitteloud et al suggests that the effects are just not testosterone related but closely tied to restimulation of Leydig cell synthesis of testosterone.
Calretinin is considered a specific and reliable marker for differentiation of sex cord-stromal tumors in humans, but its expression is demonstrated in all types of canine testicular neoplasms, including germ cells tumor (seminoma) and sex cord-stromal tumors (Sertoli cell and Leydig cell tumors).
Consequently varicocele can cause infertility via testicular damage, decrease of testicular volume, decrease of leydig cell functions, and impairment of spermatogenesis.
Sex cord-stromal tumors, mainly Sertoli cell tumor and Leydig cell tumor, can show solid growth patterns with diffuse clear cell change that resemble seminoma.
Leydig cell numbers, daily spermproduction, and serumgonadotropin levels in agingmen.
Deletion of the Igf1 gene: Suppressive effects on adult Leydig cell development," Journal of Andrology 31(4): 379-387.