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LIBER. A book; a principal subdivision of a literary work: thus, the Pandects, or Digest of the Civil Law, is divided into fifty books.

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Until this week, Spangenberg, Shibley & Liber had been known as Spangenberg, Shibley, Lancione & Liber.
Probat autem ille De viris illustribus [10] scribens eum, qui in fronte huius operis habetur, Pastoris librum: 'apud quasdam, inquit, Graeciae ecclesias etiam publice legitur, reuera vtilis liber, multique de eo scriptorum veterum vsurpauere testimonia, sed apud Latinos paene ignotus est'.
Prior to their acquisition by PSEG Energy Technologies, Liber Rich and Rich Fire were separate companies, with a common location and ownership by Joe and Frank Rich, grandsons of the founder.
If this is the case, it is possible to ask whether Thomas meant to include this meaning when he cited the maxim liber est causa sui.
The second half of the book, devoted to an edition of the Liber denudationis, is also valuable, but much more specialized.
Liber will continue to be responsible for Bluegreen Resorts' owner relations organization, which is comprised of Bluegreen Owner Services in Boca Raton and Bluegreen Vacation Services in Indianapolis.
Kipp, who specializes in pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus at Wheaton Eye Clinic and receives referrals from Liber, confirmed the device's efficacy.
SIR MICHAEL STOUTE has had a lean couple of seasons by his high standards, but he will be hoping to be back in the Classic picture with Liber Nauticus and Telescope at York this week.
Another Stoute inmate, Liber Nauticus, is a huge threat but she might not be quite as forward as Woodland Aria on her return from a 253-day lay-off.
WISeID Liber is the first product resulting from the Strategic Joint Venture between WISeKey and GJC for Latin America and Iberia.
Perspectives of international law in the 21st century; liber amicorum Professor Christian Dominice in honour of his 80th birthday.
00--The liber metaphysicus is a short treatise in which Vico's metaphysical thought reaches its first accomplishment.