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However, Kymlicka claims that a justified liberal theory, which includes the group-differentiated rights, could resolve this tension.
Demands of cultures and claims of global justice, instead of posing an irreconcilable dilemma within liberalism, should be viewed as a healthy challenge for a liberal theory of justice.
2) Classical liberal theory cannot construct rights discourse effectively due to individualism, subjectivism, and discourse theory.
36) By Kymlicka's view, "what distinguishes a liberal theory of minority rights is .
Rather than, say, focusing narrowly on the details of contemporary Anglo-American liberal theory, as do responses to John Rawls's concept of "public reason" (which demands of all participants in a liberal polity that they offer their colleagues reasons in principle accessible to everyone and hence independent of particular faith commitments), Baker ranges widely along the horizon, incisively characterizing and commenting on these arguments and many others.
The most promi nent is his attempt to provide an alternative to the Kantian liberalism which dominates contemporary liberal theory.
Berlin's work was centered on liberal theory and the difference between positive and negative liberty.
Professor John Breen sheds light on this question by examining both liberal theory and Catholic social thought across four dimensions of neutrality.
The great debates in liberal theory today fall into two broad categories.
This journal was founded to explore the nuances of liberal theory among an interdisciplinary community of scholars, but its slightly older sibling was a similarly titled popular magazine, now forty years old.