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Fragment #16 -- Antoninus Liberalis, xxiii: Battus.
Esta orientacion se contrapone a la promocion de teorias contables interpretativas y criticas que defienden la necesidad de establecer distinciones entre las pedagogias que se utilizan para presentar el propio quehacer-instrumental (necesario para un buen ejercicio profesional) y las pedagogias que se deben implementar para la formacion critica que confiere dignidad a la educacion liberalis antes referenciada.
As for the first, the adjective liberalis had been used in reference to education by Roman authors at least since Cicero and implied a condition of freedom that stood opposed to the life of a slave.
The requirements of the students described by Musurus in verses 159-160 echo those mentioned by the papal letter in which Musurus was invited to bring young men to the academy: liberalis ingenii bonaeque indolis pueros.
The scorpion-laden emissions problem was solved by inserting a goat bladder into the vagina of Minos's sexual partners, according to the Greek writer Antoninus Liberalis.
Liberalis namque est Deus, et pronus ad beneficientiam; expectat tamen cuius libet propriam voluntatem.
Directamente vinculado, el concepto de ars o de opera liberalis en Roma comprendia los requisitos siguientes: que no suponga esfuerzo fisico, que se trate de una actividad espiritual, y que no sea onerosa ni retributiva.
ex eorum enim scriptis et institutis cum omnis doctrina liberalis, omnis historia.
Ovid bases this story on Nicander's account of Leucippus, a summary of which is found in Antoninus Liberalis (17), although he changes it in significant ways.
Inspired by the Greeks (although not reaching their heights), the Romans developed the system of the artes liberalis (Liberal Arts), a term coined by Cicero to characterize the education suitable for free people, as opposed to the specialized education suitable for slaves.
Part 3, on "the revival of liberal political philosophy," serves to illustrate how easily abused the term liberalis in modern America.
Liberalis kihivasra adott konzervativ valasz was published in 2008 by Argumentum Kiado, Bibo Istvan Szellemi Muhely, Budapest.