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It is one of those problems of human nature, which may be noted down, but not solved;--although Ralph felt no remorse at that moment for his conduct towards the innocent, true-hearted girl; although his libertine clients had done precisely what he had expected, precisely what he most wished, and precisely what would tend most to his advantage, still he hated them for doing it, from the very bottom of his soul.
I do not mean to justify myself, but at the same time cannot leave you to suppose that I have nothing to urge--that because she was injured she was irreproachable, and because I was a libertine, SHE must be a saint.
Such an expression is often mistaken for manly frankness, when in truth it arises from the reckless indifference of a libertine disposition, conscious of superiority of birth, of wealth, or of some other adventitious advantage, totally unconnected with personal merit.
The venue was officially reopened by Sting last weekend, with The Libertines frontman Doherty playing two shows Wednesday night and last night.
The Libertines frontman will be performing at the city's newest live music venue on May 27.
com/trampolene/ Fans of The Libertines would be more than familiar with Trampolene's frontman Jack Jones, who was the band's special guest on their recent arena tour.
A SUSPECTED thief was found with 38 mobile phones stuffed down his trousers at a concert by rock band The Libertines.
Fans of The Libertines with tickets to this month's tour should make the most of it.
THE LIBERTINES -ANTHEMS FOR DOOMED YOUTH WHEN you think of The Libertines it's hard not to be cynical.
THE LIBERTINES - ANTHEMS FOR DOOMED YOUTH When you think of The Libertines it's hard not to be cynical.
Last Sunday I was working at the O2 Academy where The Libertines were playing.
According to Sade, even within the secluded space of the boudoir, libertines often need yet more concealment to perform their desires away from others' judgment, a theme evident in Sade's real-life exploits.