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Overall, lifetime prevalence of smoking varied between 4% and 66% (combined prevalence: 31%; [I.
Monitoring the Future Study: Trends in lifetime prevalence of use of various drugs for eighth, tenth, and twelfth graders.
Current prevalence measures those who meet the diagnostic criteria at the time of the survey; lifetime prevalence measures those who met the criteria at any time during their lifetime.
Overall, more frequent consumption of fruit, vegetables and fish was associated with a lower lifetime prevalence of asthma, whereas high burger consumption was associated with higher lifetime asthma prevalence.
Pergamit titled "On the Lifetime Prevalence of Running Away from Home.
They also found that eating three or more burgers a week was associated with a higher lifetime prevalence of asthma and wheeze, particularly among children with no allergies in rich countries.
The lifetime prevalence of suicidal attempts among homeless youth is between 20 and 40 percent, compared to 8 percent among housed youth.
7% reported lifetime NO use, making NO use the fourth most prevalent specific class of inhalants used nationally among adolescents, with a lifetime prevalence of use estimated at 2.
Among 32-year-old New Zealanders, Moffitt and her colleagues find lifetime prevalence rates of 50 percent for anxiety disorders, 41 percent for depression, 32 percent for alcohol dependence and 18 percent for marijuana dependence.
Lifetime prevalence of zoster in about 33%, with annual US incidence of about 1 million episodes.
Overall, studies of female veterans estimate the lifetime prevalence of PTSD at 27 percent, nearly two-thirds higher than the 10 to 12 percent seen in the general population.
22) were used to compare overall lifetime prevalence rates in parents of children with autism and data from Kessler et al.