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Lifetime Possibilities" can also be thought of as showing the distribution of lifetimes that might occur in a portfolio of life settled cases where all of the insureds are identical to the illustrated insured.
Significant research has been performed to determine the lifetime and archival stability of magnetic media.
This entitles W to plan distributions during her lifetime if H predeceases her.
The belief that billets provide a longer lifetime over cast tooling, however, is skewed.
eMagin recently announced new OLED-XL (tm) technology that will extend this leadership in power efficiency and provide higher brightness with longer lifetime.
Wall losses are minimized by the use of "low-temperature Fomblin," and the notoriously difficult extrapolation from storage lifetimes to [[tau].
This proprietary new red material system meets NTSC color standards while at the same time offering very long operating lifetime, 200,000 hours at 500 candelas per square meter (cd/m(2)).
From the ab initio calculations, atmospheric lifetimes were estimated to range from 0.
The Company's patented technology offers greater efficiency and lifetimes over competitive OLED technologies, and is expected to be the technology-of-choice for flat panel displays from small cell phone displays to 40-inch televisions.
National Instruments (Nasdaq:NATI) today announced The LEGO Company uses the NI LabVIEW graphical development environment and NI PCI-based data acquisition boards in its quality assurance department to test and optimize the lifetimes of its electric motor-based products, including popular toys ranging from race cars to speedboats and the new out-door RC-car "Dirt Crushers.
Moore, co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of Intel Corporation, with the SIA 25th Anniversary Lifetime Achievement Award, to be presented at the SIA's Forecast and Award Dinner this evening.
and Batelle Pacific Northwest National Labs, had demonstrated 3000 hours of lifetime on a Flexible Glasstm barrier coated plastic substrate with a rigid lid, showing additional progress in the use of barrier coated plastic for use in flexible OLED (FOLEDtm) devices.