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The jute APMP pulps also had a very high light scattering index compared with the aspen pulps.
Until recently, researchers tended to look upon light scattering in liquids as a nuisance.
Therefore, by considering the results, when the crystallinity value is greater than 57% it seems clear that the controlling factor of variation of the light scattering with crystallinity is caused by the skins, and on the contrary when the crystallinity value is less than 57% the effect predominant in the variation of light scattering is caused by the variation of crystallinity in the core of films.
Traditionally, laboratories faced with analyzing higher concentration samples, such as emulsion or nanoparticles, have found traditional light scattering instruments limited, both in terms of sensitivity and resolution, according to the company.
The former produced sheets with significantly greater density, tensile, and tear indices, but a lower light scattering coefficient, when compared to the core pulp.
The phase separation behavior of the ATBN-modified epoxy resin during cure was investigated through light scattering experiments and morphology analysis.
It features an integrated Tetra Detector Array comprised of a low angle light scattering (LALS) detector, four capillary viscometer detectors, RI and UV/ VIS; a GPCmax pump, autosampler and degasser module specifically designed for GPC/SEC applications; and OmniSEC software for multiple detection analysis and complete system control.
It's difficult to understand, says Petre, how light scattering off the coma could produce such a bright X-ray pattern.
Because it can selectively detect both acoustic and magnetic waves, Brillouin light scattering can provide unique information on the coupling between magnetic states and thermal phonons.
Each surface has a BRDF that quantitatively summarizes its light scattering characteristics.
Unwanted light scattering into the IUE's fine-error sensor, a device that keeps targets in the field of view by tracking nearby guide stars, had made it more difficult to conduct observations.
The Model 802 dynamic light scattering (DLS) instrument features the company's dual attenuation technology (DAT), a technique that controls the level of light entering the sample, as well as controlling scattered light going to the detector.