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LIGHTERMAN. The owner or manager of a lighter. A lighterman is considered as a common Carrier. See Lighters.

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Corbett, a Thames lighterman, was only nipping to the phone box across the road from his flat in Norwood, south London, one Sunday evening in March 1966, when his four-year-old cross-bred collie went sniffing at a package under a neighbour's car.
He trained as a lighterman, responsible for linking barges into temporary bridges, and went on to play a key role in the D-day landings.
Martyn Bardsley's Christ Church, Rotherhithe, where the COS dubbed the relief "carefully managed," the Parish Relief Committee was "thus composed: a working-man; the Mission-woman; the wife of a lighterman; the wife of the Superintendent of the Baths; a man in the Customs; the Nurse; a fruit-salesman, who is also churchwarden; the wife of the last; a coffee vendor, who goes round with basket and stall along "The Wall"; a working foreman; a lighterman; the scripture-reader; the niece of the lighterman, and Mrs.