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Key Words: Empathy, Jefferson Scale of Empathy (JSPE-HPS), Likert scale.
Likert scales are not often used in health sciences librarian research.
A specimen from the study questionnaire illustrating the format of the questions and the accompanying Likert scale.
From there, the weaknesses and issues associated with the Likert scale are discussed.
The study used likert scale (0, 1, 2, and 3) rather than Goldberg's original scoring method (Bi- Modal, 0, 0, 1, 1).
Table 1--Instruments and Scale Available to Assess Service Quality Scale By Dimensions Method SERVQUAL Parasuraman, Reliability, Likert Scale Zeithaml and Responsiveness, Barry (1985; Assurance, Empathy 1998) and Tangibles SERVFERF Cronin and Taylor Reliability, Likert Scale (1994) Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy and Tangibles WebQual Loiacono, Watson Information fit to Likert Scale and Goodhue task, (2000) interactivity, trust, responsiveness, design, intuitiveness, visual appeal, innovativeness, websites flow, integrated communication, business process and viable substitute, accessibility, speed, navigability and site content.
At 12 weeks, 17 (40%) of the patients had successful outcomes, on the basis of the Likert scale.
Patients' perception of pain also diminished, with Likert scale scores falling from 7.
A 5-point Likert scale survey consisting of 10 items was administered to white females ages 22 to 25 (N=24) in a teledentistry course the first and last day of class.
Self-efficacy beliefs were assessed with Likert scale items (e.
Responses to the Negative Perception measure were explored using frequencies of responses to each choice on the Likert scale items.
This self-evaluation was conducted on a likert scale (1=no mastery - 7=total mastery).