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The filmmaker packs in some smart spoofs of Hollywood blockbusters as Gulliver teaches the Lilliputians how to be and dress cool.
At which point we discuss one of the film's defining moments, when Connolly and Corden are urinated on by Gulliver as he tries to put out a fire at the Lilliputian palace.
But after a freak storm he wakes up to find himself tied down by the Lilliputian army and taken to meet the King and Queen (Billy Connolly and Catherine Tate) and their beautiful princess daughter (Emily Blunt).
Are the current contenders mere lilliputians or potential giants?
The downtown project's sponsors have recast themselves as Gulliver, tied down by the Lilliputians.
The Lilliputians grew a bit and the Brobs shrank a bit.
00am Disappointing animated adventure, retelling Jonathan Swift's classic tale about an explorer shipwrecked in the land of the tiny Lilliputians.
Jackson compares the sight to "Gulliver's Travels, when the Lilliputians tie down the giant.
The word applies not only to the Chiarelli, Antonelli, and Cavacchioli plays noted above, but also to their spirit and their humor: "The exaggerated and burlesque vein that runs through all these plays makes them an appanage to the plays of Luigi Pirandello," as Walter Starkie notes, though adding that Pirandello "stands like a giant amid these Lilliputians.
Through UN "peacekeeping" missions and treaties on trade, human rights, the environment, and other issues, the United States is being trapped and bound down, just as Gulliver was trapped by the Lilliputians.