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Not all children are successful at learning to strike a balance between competition and cooperation in limited resource situations.
Thus, we obtain a set of partial criteria characterising the efficiency of limited resource allocation between consumers:
Someone, somewhere will be faced with the task of equitably distributing the limited resources available to pay for the care of Baby Boy-X and Baby Girl-Y.
We have limited resources to deal with this issue, and the demand is very high in terms of senior housing and low-income family housing.
And while LICUs often have to work with limited resources themselves, using volunteer and part-time staff and insufficient capital to provide for their constituents, a report released last year shows them to be flourishing.
Moreover, students find that restaurants can best share limited resources (business) by partitioning their activities in different ways, a strategy common among biological competitors.
Today, bankers are challenged to cope with an increasingly complex regulatory environment, with limited resources.
As for issues of budget and funding shortfall, Messina said his newcomer status could lend fresh eyes to the spending process to help extend limited resources.
This time-sensitive traffic was competing with less critical traffic for the limited resources available on the Wide Area Network.
In a time of limited resources, Mayor Hahn has shown the political will and leadership to find a way to deliver to our communities.
However,' they say, "in clinics that serve a large population with limited resources, 26 sessions might be used as a rational time-limit.

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