Inns of Court

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Inns of Court

Organizations that provide preparatory education for English Law students in order to teach them to practice in court.

Inns of Court were founded in the beginning of the fourteenth century. Membership in an inn is tantamount to membership in an integrated bar association in the United States. Inns of Court have a common council of Legal Education, which gives lectures and holds examinations. Currently, inns have the exclusive authority to confer the degree of barrister-atlaw, a prerequisite to practice as an advocate or counsel in the superior courts in England.

Inns of Court


INNS OF COURT, Engl. law. The name given to the colleges of the English professors and students of the common law. 2. The four principal Inns of Court are the Inner Temple and Middle Temple, (formerly belonging to the Knights Templars) Lincoln's Inn, and Gray's Inn, (ancient belonging to the earls of Lincoln and ray.) The other inns are the two Sergeants' Inns. The Inns of Chancery were probably so called because they were once inhabited by such clerks, as chiefly studied the forming of writs, which regularly belonged to the cursitors, who are officers of chancery. These are Thavie's Inn, the New Inn, Symond's Inn, Clement's Inn, Clifford's Inn,' Staple's Inn, Lion's Inn, Furnival's Inn and Barnard's Inn. Before being called to the bar, it is necessary to be admitted to one of the Inns of Court.

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Ibne Abbas thanked the Lincoln's Inn treasurer and his team, and Sir William Blackburne for their valuable support for having the project accomplished, and also the sculptor, Philip Jackson, for his hard work and dedication.
He was also organist and choirmaster of the Portuguese Embassy Chapel in Lincoln's Inn Fields, the only place in London where the Catholic liturgy could be publicly celebrated.
HOLBORN: Fleet River Bakery Rooms, 71 Lincoln's Inn Fields WC2, 020-7691 1457, fleetriverbakery.
She was awarded the pounds 15,000 Lord Denning Scholarship by Lincoln's Inn Longson following a successful interview earlier this month.
And finally a group of beauty queens took part in the Shrove Tuesday pancake race at London's Lincoln's Inn on March 1976.
The presentation will be held at the offices of Brunswick Group, 16 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3ED.
Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, Britain's special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, was speaking at the 57th annual dinner of the Pakistan Society, held at the historic Lincoln's Inn from where Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah did his bar-at-law.
Using extant librettos, newspaper reports and state records, she traces the fortunes of the two main competing companies, the United and Lincoln's Inn, as they search for the perfect offering to capture the interest of London.
Tony Robinson and the crew explore the remains of a 13thcentury palace in Lincoln's Inn, London, a building that became the birthplace of the British legal system.
Tony Robinson and the crew explore the remains of a 13th-century palace in Lincoln's Inn, London, a building that became the birthplace of the British legal system.
The street is historically significant both as the former royal private way to Lincoln's Inn Fields for Queen Ann, wife of King James I and as home to The Freemasons' Hall.
Lincoln's Inn, for example, played host to the Children of the Chapel, led by Richard Edwards in 1564-65 and 1565-66, and by Richard Farrant in 1579-80.

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