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That which comes in a line, particularly a direct line, as from parent to child or grandparent to grandchild.

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LINEAL. That which comes in a line. Lineal consanguinity is that which subsists between persons, one of whom is descended in a direct line from the other. Lineal descent, is that which takes place among lineal kindred.

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In fact, the committee members recalled, introduction of lineal translation was raised in 2014.
8220;Our new digital presses are among the finest models made, and we're delighted to give these powerful tools to our clients,” concluded Lineal.
2012 was a banner year for Plum Grove," Lineal continued, " our sales increased 26%.
Also, material handling in front and behind the moulder allows for a highly automated process, with less handling and a lower cost per lineal foot.
Ash said prices vary but typically top and bottom braces might be around pounds 2,000, more cosmetic work would be between pounds 2,500 and pounds 3,000 and lineal braces might be around pounds 4,000 but he added more practices were offering easy-pay schemes so patients could spread the cost.
PE with higher loadings of CaCO3 also extrudes at lower pressure and uses lower motor amperage, which means screw speed can be raised to increase lineal output of film without using more energy.
Additionally, you'll need to measure the lineal footage (top to bottom) of any corners to order special corner pieces.
Operator Julie Johnson demonstrates the use of the new lineal accelerator scanner at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, Bodelwyddan, yesterday with the help of a member of staff
Tensioned stainless $10-$50 more or Feeney Wire Rope & Rigging, steel cable (usually 1/8 per lineal ft.
These include closely spaced read/write elements to support a 10-micron track width, very fine head gaps together with hot media to support high lineal density, and matching channel improvements.
he is able to apply the fidei commissum to Abraham and a single lineal descendant, Jesus Christ.
The emerging city form for both Thimphu and Paro is lineal, following river valleys, consuming some of the richest farmlands as they expand.