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Trouble is, once masterful in French, Spanish or Tagalog, pensioners probably won't be able to afford to go abroad to try out their new linguistic sKills.
The Bishop Walsh Catholic Secondary School pupil then proved her linguistic skills again as she took first place in the Cantenian speaking competition with a speech about whether practice makes perfect at St Peter's School, in Solihull, on April 21.
The second aim of this project is to explore the relationship between the type of occupation of European citizens, the economic sector in which they work and their linguistic skills and frequency of use of languages.
He's been a man of immense integrity with his intellectual and linguistic skills and pastoral care.
Priority is given to students on university scholarships abroad who have high competency levels, advanced academic standards and laudable linguistic skills.
He still uses his linguistic skills when he performs in Hamburg and Berlin.
The linguistic beauty and style are evident to only those who understand the language but the clarity and consistency of the message is for everyone regardless of their linguistic skills and they relevant for all times.
Another reason why we do not have today poets like Mirza Ghalib, who was born two centuries ago, and Akhlaq Mohammad Khan 'Shaharyar', who died recently, is that most poets today do not have the same linguistic skills as their predecessors had.
Washington, June 14 ( ANI ): Scientist demonstrated how a robot analogous to a child between 6 and 14 months old can develop rudimentary linguistic skills through interaction with a human participant.
Kate revealed her budding linguistic skills at her first Buckingham Palace garden party.
Summary: Sandra Bullock has presented the award for foreign language film at this year's Oscars, using her speech to showcase her linguistic skills
Mark In Greek" presents the entire text of New Testament 'Gospel of Mark' in biblical Greek, presenting students of Greek an original text to read and translate, thus honing their linguistic skills.