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Second generation" chemistries which further improve the characteristics of antisense compounds generally maintain phosphate linkages while altering the sugar and/or the heterocycle.
Current Directory of Corporate Affiliations customers find its linkage data to be a key part of their due diligence efforts when extending credit to other businesses, assessing suppliers, researching potential conflict of interest issues, cultivating new business opportunities, or initiating some other type of business relationship.
It has become imperative that organizations aggressively research complete details of corporate linkage before legally-binding contracts are signed, so they can prevent conflicts of interest and stimulate organic growth.
However, he added that the prior pledge of 34,000 MW of LoAs, which have not been turned into fuel supply agreements (FSAs), would have to be met before new linkages are granted.
The DSS implemented Linkages in 2005, and instituted many changes to support a single point of entry for families.
01) were excluded from the linkage analysis to avoid false linkages (Bert et al.
The properties of hair, such as tensile strength, elasticity and firmness, depend directly upon the existence of these sulfur-containing linkages.
This paper investigates the quantity and quality of indirect, transactional and collaborative linkages between foreign affiliates and domestic firms based in New Zealand.
Using the new model, the real estate linkages are re-calculated and investigated in order to evaluate appropriately the impact of the real estate sector on national economies.
Kay Lawson's Political Parties and Linkages (1980) provided a systematic and theoretically bounded approach to the study of the linkage function of political parties, delineating participatory linkage, policy-responsive linkage, linkage by reward, and directive (coercive) linkage as the four different types of linkage performed by parties.
Figure 1 shows the linkages that must be managed if capital allocation is to support strategy and value growth.