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Strong Linkages with Parent: DSC maintains strong operational and strategic linkages with its parent.
The report noted insights and findings reviewed underscored the potential of foreign linkages to improve both product and process innovation capabilities of Filipino companies.
Dr Mohammad Ajmal Khan, said that developed nations have experienced tremendous economic growth due to giving priority to innovative research, knowledge economy and sound linkages between academia, industry and government sector.
First, considering k observations instead of single observation prevents the greedy nature of the single and complete linkages.
Inspection revealed the linkage between the power lever and the condition lever on the fuel control unit was corroded and the linkage jammed with residue.
The DSS implemented Linkages in 2005, and instituted many changes to support a single point of entry for families.
ABSTRACT Genetic linkage maps were constructed for the noble scallop Chlamys nobilis Reeve on the basis of 373 amplified fragment length polymorphisms (AFLPs) and 9 microsatellite markers.
Only fourteen percent of affiliates actively engaged in a broad spectrum of linkages, including alliances.
There are more of these bonds than any other type of linkages found in the cortex of the hair.
Theoretically, a sector's relationship with the rest of the economy through its direct and indirect intermediate purchases and sales is described as the sector's linkages (Miller and Lahr, 2001).
Political parties and political systems; the concept of linkage revisited.
They also found potential linkages at chromosome 1 for panic disorder alone, chromosome 3 for agoraphobia, chromosome 11 for panic disorder and habitual smoking, and chromosome 16 for both social phobia and simple phobia.