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As is shown in Table 1, the solid pressure drop can be obtained by subtracting the liquid pressure drop from the measured pressure drop.
Whisperjets[R] are designed for gas or liquid pressure reduction in new or retrofit installations.
However, a decrease in environmental liquid pressure can also lead to diffusion-induced bubble nucleation and growth.
There is already a nozzle available that uses liquid pressure to vary the exit orifice size.
The rapid fuel change requires the skids to accommodate significant temperature changes and precise control of liquid pressure for proper operation.
Due to the liquid pressure acting upon the bottom of the barge, the barge goes up by floating and simultaneously the pistons of the air compressors, connected to the barge, also goes up to the top level of the compression chamber.
The oar loading is achieved due to the working liquid pressure on the moving plate, arising when the plate moves together with the oar during exercising.