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Prepare a list of items the buyer might want to use - the lawnmower, the grill, the patio and porch furniture, the draperies.
The two countries' trade secretaries agreed that Pakistan will replace a limited list of items India can sell across the border, with a short list of items that cannot be traded.
Shoes top the list of items which women buy and do not wear, while shirts are number one "most unworn" item of men's clothing.
For a more comprehensive list of items needed or for tax-exempt details, contact Nicki Brown at (661) 949-1206, Ext.
The list of items that this band has misplaced over the last 20 years sounds like a recipe for a yard sale at a mad scientist's genetics laboratory.
Although there's no magic list of items that qualify for faster depreciation, the IRS and the courts look at a number of factors in determining whether property should be treated as part of the real estate, including:
61(a), which contains a partial list of items includible in gross income.
Before going on the hike, make a list of items the group should look for and find.
A chapter containing Bocatius' inscriptions to friends (each with place and dates), as well as a list of items of uncertain authorship, but attributed to him, complete Bocatius' Opera in three impeccable volumes, adding another title to the Hungarian Academy of Science publications of exemplary scholarship and care.
The youngsters repeated this memory recall procedure up to five times consecutively for the same list of items.
For more information about the TSA 3-1-1 program for air travel, plus a complete list of items airline passengers are allowed to carry through security checkpoints, visit the TSA website at: www.
SANTA CLARITA - Operators of Santa Clarita's newly opened winter shelter for the homeless have come up with a list of items they need to better serve clients:

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