LITISPENDENCE. The part of an action being depending and undetermined; the time during which an action is pending. See Lis pendens.

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distinguished from the doctrine of litispendence, as it is found in
strict formulation, the litispendence doctrine requires that there be
in international law, the doctrine of litispendence is a strict one, and
restrictions on the application of litispendence in international law,
suggests that the debate over whether litispendence applies in
As a matter of litispendence doctrine, the pendency of an action in
that do not otherwise come within the formal litispendence doctrine.
existence of litispendence as a principle of international law.
For an example of the application of strict litispendence in
discussion [whether a litispendence doctrine is part of
court to recognize international litispendence, meaning a court must not
6) Under the statute, the ICJ is not bound by Litispendence, as demonstrated in the U.