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A more practical solution would be to pack a portable or disposable litter tray in his crate.
Answer: Most cats take to using a litter tray very easily.
He didn't really bark and still uses a litter tray now.
It adds decorative flair to a product that is traditionally designed for utility alone, but it is also uniquely convenient to clean with its pull-out litter tray.
Adults who have contact with the cat litter tray should wash their hands afterwards and children should be kept away from litter trays and areas where cats toilet in the garden.
Since we went on holiday and our neighbour looked after him, he 'goes' beside the litter tray at some point every day.
To help prevent toilet accidents, ideally one litter tray should be given per rabbit and use hay as the litter substrate.
A CRUEL owner dumped a sick cat in a filthy taped-shut litter tray box near bins outside a block of flats.
You never, ever catch them in their dressing gowns emptying the cat litter tray.
Tracey Robinson | Make the biggest cat litter tray in Cardiff.
Indeed, he used to just smile when she missed the litter tray as she spent a penny.
Especially in old age when they couldn't see the rim of the litter tray or just couldn't be bothered to find the tray.