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The charity said 20% of households currently bring in less than PS423 a week and its calculations showed that - after covering basic living costs - a family of four on this income could not afford a seaside trip in any location surveyed.
Even if the partner or children are not accompanying the main student to Australia, still, DIAC requires that the intending international student has to prove that he or she has genuine access to the required living cost amounts for the above-mentioned dependents.
If living costs keep climbing at current rates, students starting degree courses in October could face annual costs of pounds 13,159 by 2015, predicts the survey.
Protests over rising living costs in April led to a brutal clampdown by security forces that left at least 10 people dead across the country.
The labor chief also blamed Lebanon's free market tradition for rising living costs.
Most universities offer discounts, living cost grants and scholarships for students from less privileged backgrounds - information can be found on their websites.
Living costs have risen 50 per cent more quickly for poorer families than richer ones, according to new research.
For fulltime students there are loans to help towards your living costs.
Benjamin and his family have now launched a fundraising campaign to ensure that he can cover his term-time living costs in London, which could run to a minimum of pounds 10,500 a year.
Why do ministers, parliament and top government officials turn a deaf ear to basic living costs and brag about Internet censorship, forbidding alcohol and calls for making the country greener and leave beaches alone from reclamation?
The poll of adults who have children aged 18 and older found 94 per cent continued to contribute financially towards education, purchases such as houses and cars and living costs.
Teton County has the highest cost of living in Wyoming, and the selected firm must be able to provide on-site personnel who are aware of the living costs and the difficulty of living in remote, environmentally challenging conditions.