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Told from the author's contemporary vantage, looking back on the early years of his life, Living to Tell the Tale is an account of the author's development from a shy young boy into a working journalist, published short-story writer, and burgeoning novelist.
The reader of One Hundred Years of Solitude, Love in the Time of the Cholera, or any of the books Garc'a Marquez published between 1955 and 2003 will be right at home in Living to Tell the Tale.
Already an enormous bestseller in its Spanish-language edition both abroad and in the United States, Living to Tell the Tale is the first book of a planned autobiographical trilogy.
In Living to Tell the Tale, Garcia Marquez exercises this side of his gifts very sparingly.
I've never heard of anyone being pulled under and spinning and living to tell the tale," she later stated.
The Hood, with a crew of 1,421, sank within three minutes - only Mr Briggs and two others living to tell the tale.