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It is not necessary to repeat the loading dose in patients who have been given a loading dose previously.
Both bradycardia and hypotension were noticed after giving a loading dose of esmolol before induction.
The score of the modified OAA/S was similar at the end of infusion of the loading dose between the groups ( P > 0.
These equations can be used to decide safe, initial loading doses.
Therefore, colistin should be administered with a loading dose of 9 million IU as 2-hour infusion, followed by two administrations of 3 million IU at 12 hours and then by 3 million IU maintenance doses every 8 hours.
Extending the fecal collection period past 24 hours following a 50 mg iodine/iodide loading dose will determine if fecal iodine levels peak at a later time period.
The main clinical trial with this drug has been the PLATO study, in which 18,624 patients with NSTEMI (moderate-to-high-risk) or STEMI undergoing PCI were randomized to receive clopidogrel (300 mg loading dose then 75 mg maintenance) or ticagrelor (180 mg loading dose then 90 mg twice daily maintenance).
In conclusion, we advise a reduced digoxin loading dose in critically ill patients with reduced muscle mass taking medications with known interactions with digoxin.
Patients admitted for scheduled PCI and on stable dose of 75mg clopidogrel exhibited lower AUC ADP value as compared to those admitted with acute coronary syndrome given loading dose of 300mg of Clopidogrel.
Consider a loading dose strategy to minimize the time a patient has to take an oral and LAI antipsychotic combination.