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There was a suggestion of slightly better outcomes with the 300-mg loading dose used in CLARITY.
We believe its oral dosing combined with our loading dose regimen will enable the drug to be a go-to antibiotic for serious ABSSSIs when there is benefit to keeping the patient out of the hospital.
300 patients will receive placebo and 900 patients will receive ARCALYST dosed at 320 mg as an initial loading dose, followed by weekly 160 mg subcutaneous injections.
The Plavix([R])dosing regimen currently indicated for ACS patients treated by PCI is a 300 mg loading dose, followed by 75 mg per day, along with 75-325 mg per day of aspirin.
Ligand's Phase I clinical trial evaluated three dosing regimens of LGD-4665, including single doses, multiple daily doses for 14 days, and Day 1 loading doses followed by daily doses for 13 days.
55] demonstrated that a loading dose followed by CI led to concentrations twice that of a linezolid MIC of 4 mg/L in serum and epithelial lining fluid for 100% of the time in critically ill patients with VAP Why is this important?
The recommended loading dose of CRESEMBA is one reconstituted vial or two capsules (372 mg isavuconazonium sulfate equivalent to 200 mg of isavuconazole) every eight hours for six doses (48 hours) via oral or intravenous administration.
In this open-label study, patients were randomized to either warfarin dosing based on an algorithm that included genetic information or a warfarin loading dose consistent with the local standard of care.
The treatment group received a loading dose of 100,000 international units of vitamin D3 followed by daily doses of 4,000 units, and the placebo group received identical looking but inactive capsules.
or once daily in patients weighing 70 kg or less, with no loading dose to avoid potential gastrointestinal adverse effects.
if iodine supplementation is not discontinued for several days before testing, residual supplemental iodine will be excreted along with the 50 mg loading dose, giving a test result showing a false high excretion.
Usual dosing practices of vancomycin in patients undergoing high-flux hemodialysis are similar to administering a loading dose (LD) of 1,000 mg followed by maintenance doses of (MD) 500 mg during or after the last hour of each hemodialysis session.