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The chairmen of Barclays Plc and Prudential (NYSE: PRU) are to lead the City's most prominent lobbying groups.
At what point does America tell this guy to get lost, and take his gun prohibition lobbying groups with him?
The bullet train to Kyoto has slowed to a crawl, and for good reason," pronounced John Shlaes, director of the Global Climate Coalition, a business lobbying group in Washington, D.
Many of the positions of small business lobbying groups such as the National Federation of Independent Business have not always reflected those of the black business community.
RESIGNED: Jean Harris, as executive director of LGBT lobbying group California Alliance for Pride and Equality, Harris will assist in the search for a new director.
In an email newsletter to its supporters, the FRC, the most prominent Religious Right lobbying group in Washington, D.
The Global Climate Coalition, a lobbying group funded in part by the energy, transportation, and manufacturing industries, argues that the authors of chapter 8 altered the text improperly after representatives of the IPCC had accepted the document at a meeting in Madrid in November 1995.
a national lobbying group comprised of black business owners and professionals.
The abuse goes even further when the same attorneys represent themselves, according to John Sullivan, president of Civil Justice Association of California, a Sacramento-based lobbying group.
employers offering or planning to offer health insurance benefits to the same-sex partners of their employees increased by 50% in the past two years, according to a new report by the gay lobbying group Human Rights Campaign.
Absolutely not," says Robinson of TransAfrica, a lobbying group focused on U.
In addition, she says, the EPA report relies largely on figures provided by the American Petroleum Institute (API), an oil-industry lobbying group.