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Culture Secretary Andy Burnham said the Government may have taken local newspapers "for granted" but did not respond directly to calls for Government funding.
Now 33 million people in Britain read a local newspaper in print each week and 42 million unique users log on to a local newspaper website every month.
He said: "For decades local newspapers have faced fierce competition.
So keep checking the Echo to see how we're doing our bit for Local Newspaper Week.
Prince Charles, an active green campaigner, praised the "extraordinarily important" role that local newspapers can play in inspiring readers to go green.
It showed that local newspapers were viewed by the public as more trustworthy and having greater integrity than nationals.
NEARLY 80 per cent of local newspaper editors believe public bodies such as the local council, police or health authority are becoming more secretive.
Another local newspaper supporter is Two-Star Michelin chef and TV Personality Michel Roux Jr.
Local press advertising is a proven force to drive growth for SMEs - 60 per cent of small business owners agree that advertising in their local newspaper is the best way to attract customers in their area - and the same can be said for mentoring.
Local Newspaper Week starts on May 3,but our young news hounds will be invited to come to the ECHO news room on the week beginning April 26.
Overall, 47 per cent of people had applied for a job advertised in their local newspaper over the past two years.

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