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Goyal further averred that Mumbai local train would be soon revamped and all issues would be solved in the coming five years.
The local trains will be carrying Wi-Fi and canteen facilities.
However, non-AC travel, including that by local trains, metro and religious tours will remain exempt from the GST.
When contacted an official of Railway police assured that special attention would be paid to this issue and all such persons would be checked from boarding local trains.
Malhar Local' represents the city of Mumbai and all that it has to offer - right from the crowded local trains, to the breathtaking seafront views, to the glamour of Bollywood," Acharya said.
If they bothered to look at those local trains they would see they are nearly always half-empty.
NETWORK Rail is planning major changes in the local train service between Huddersfield, the Colne Valley and Manchester Victoria.
Centro chief executive Geoff Inskip said a planned high speed rail line running into a new station at Curzon Street, Digbeth, would free up space to run many more local trains on existing routes into Birmingham.
There have been a number of attacks on the ladies compartments in the local trains, which is causing a great deal of insecurity for women who have to travel alone.
THE punctuality of local trains in South Wales has improved since Arriva Trains Wales' franchise started five years ago, but the new strategy for Welsh railways plans a 27% reduction in delays by 2013.
I know it is a lot to ask for any peace and tranquillity in modern towns and cities, but sometimes it is nigh on impossible to escape the perpetual din before or after a day's busy work, or to have any peace at all on local trains.