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Le 4eme Congres Mondial des Cites et Gouvernements Locaux Unis (CGLU), qui a ouvert officiellement ses travaux mercredi a Rabat, va devenir un "repere historique" du mouvement municipal international et de la de democratie locale, a affirme le president du Conseil de la ville de Rabat, Fathallah Oualalou.
Le Baloutchistan est a la fois le theatre d'une insurrection locale, d'attentats des talibans du TTP, un groupe islamiste arme hostile au pouvoir pakistanais, et de violences contre la minorite musulmane chiite.
The Popular Committee Coordinator in Yatta, Rateb Jabour, told WAFA that Israeli soldiers closed down the road connecting between two locales, set up a strict military checkpoint and thoroughly inspected homes of Palestinians.
Ahora usted tiene la imagen clara: las estaciones locales de TV son vistas como un problema, pero aun no esta dicha la ultima palabra.
From these southern locales, the subalpine fir's range extends northward across mountainous areas of the West all the way to Alaska.
He sought additional information by writing to chambers of commerce and visitor bureaus in each locale.
A computer program identified characteristic genetic sequences that appeared in specific locales of the DNA and mapped out evolutionary links among animal groups with different mitochondrial-DNA signatures.
Indeed, it's likely that the entire genre of video-luxe environmental installation art, characterized by spooky and culturally evocative locales and animated by melancholic characters who are ethereal, tormented, and usually female, has been done to death.
To assess criminality and law enforcement's response from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, one must consider many variables, some of which, while having significant impact on crime, are not readily measurable or applicable pervasively among all locales.
Just as brides and grooms seek recommendations for dresses and tuxes, so do they need ideas for honeymoon locales.
Among the 15 locales studied, the lowest proportion of myositis patients with DM was found in Glasgow, Scotland (26.
The tales are divided interestingly into categories by location, including tales that take place in mountains, forests, and swamps, on the beach, the farm, the plains, and in exotic locales.