LOCATIO. Hire; a letting out.

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DOD Applications Continuum of Vendor Control Approaches BC Hydro's Bella Coola Microgrid KEA's Wales High Penetration Wind-Diesel Remote Microgrid Locatio Solar PV and Small Wind on Miyako Island, Japa Topology for INSENSUS/Cummins Sine Mousse Abdou Microgrid in Senegal Frequency Response Summary for KEA's Wind-Diesel Remote Microgrid Relative Shares of Electric Power, OECD vs.
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From the second to the seventh chapters the authors deals with the employment contract, citing the parties to the contract and explicitly outlining the concepts of Locatio Conductio Operarum and Lacatio Conductio Operis.
Popcorn seeds were planted during the late planting season in the locatio ns Ibadan (rain forest), Ikenne (rain forest), Ilora (derived savanna), Orin-Ekiti (derived savanna) and Ballah (southern guinea savanna) of south western Nigeria between July and August, 2004.
146: item si gladiatores ea lege tibi tradiderim, ut in singulos, qui integri exierint, pro sudore denarii XX mihi darentur, in eos uero singulos, qui occisi aut debilitati fuerint, denarii mille, quaeritur, utrum emptio et uenditio an locatio et conductio contrahatur).
Variations in litter types and quantities could be related to the heaviness in travel on the roadway, to locatio n of convenience stores, schools, bus stops and finally to the economic environment of the location.
Hirschhom finds that this methodology also allows him to assess the extent to which a given work seems "mentally transportable"--whether or not its central premise holds when extracted from its physical shell Cavemanman was and is such a work, bound to its locatio n for now, but not to the exclusion of possible variations elsewhere.
Thus, much of the capital invested in a MBHO, such as a disease management and clinical information system, trained case managers, and claims processing facilities, can easily be switched from administering benefits for one employer to fulfilling a new contract in a different geographic locatio n.
Seiko Epson: A leading Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer, Seiko Epson licensed Spyglass Prism to help deliver the Internet and location-specific applications via a Global Positioning System (GPS) and network to Locatio, a cellular phone that includes a Web browser, email, and other personal applications.