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LOCATOR, civil law. He who leases or lets a thing to hire to another. His duties are, 1st. To deliver to the hirer the thing hired, that he may use it. 2d. To guaranty to the hirer the free enjoyment of it. 3d. To keep the thing hired in good order in such manner that the hirer may enjoy it. 4th. To warrant that the thing hired has not such defects as to destroy its use. Poth. Du. Contr. de Louage, n. 53.

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The aim of the present study was to compare the diagnostic potency of Dentaport ZX apex locator with vistascan mini plus digital radiograhs in determination of working length in vivo and correlate it with directly observed working length under 3.
When testing the locator in a heavily -settled urban environment, the locator's imprecision was greater--even reaching 150 m between the actual position of the locator and its evaluated positions.
We wanted to partner with a locator vendor who would work with us to provide a customized solution to meet our specific needs, said Miraglia.
Location Based Technologies designs and develops PocketFinder personal locator devices.
HSI CEO, Carl von Sternberg, said, "Through unique maintenance programs, legacy parts inventories, and the Worldwide Parts Locator Service, HSI frees network operators from the product lifecycles of network equipment manufacturers allowing them to extend the life of their network assets.
Other AFAA locator services utilizing the speed and convenience of the Internet are under development and will be available soon.
The Kenan Revenue Locator allows service providers to perform a detailed analysis of data generated by its network elements and points out abnormalities that help identify likely root causes of revenue leakage.
The locator itself is identical in size and shape to a remote, but, says Veltkamp, it has a feature that helps it avoid the remote's wayward fate: Velcro backing.
catalogId=10901&langId=-1&storeId=10051) store locator ]
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 20, 2011-Location Based Technologiesa[euro](tm) PocketFinder GPS Personal Locator available now in US and Canada stores(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.