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Through weaving webs of understanding with other actors on the local, state, and European level and taking actions including lock-ins, hunger strikes, demonstration, and assemblies, they demand that the Spanish government regularize, without conditions, the situation of all those who are kept in irregular residency situations by immigration policies.
Most people are more conservative than gamblers, therefore we are starting to see more lock-ins.
Lenders complain that lock-ins have become too much like options.
Because of the heated competition in the markets where the company originates, the prevailing practice is not to charge a fee for a lock-in even though such fees are typically credited against closing costs.
IF you can find a money-saving mortgage deal with no strings, no penalties and no lock-ins, good luck to you.
Most popular lock-ins are TESSAs - Tax Exempt Special Savings Accounts.
But the biggest bone of contention is mortgages that come with lock-ins, also known as tie-ins or overhangs.
So even with a two-year lock-in you will be in the money if you switch.
That compares with pounds 2,885 with the lock-in - pounds 160 more.
1 in Jax for birthday parties, group events, team parties, school fundraisers, lock-ins, family fun time.
The numbers grew as word of lock-ins spread, and people who arrived after the doors had been locked could get in by knocking at a side door.