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The other major criticism I made in my 1997 of Sher's work was that FS violates the apriority criterion of my pretheoretic account of logical consequence.
In essence, this approach uses natural and logical consequences.
Only in the relevance sense does the evidential support not penetrate to the known logical consequence.
Further elaborations of belief free Azande from having to admit what appear to us to be the logical consequences of belief in biological transmission of witchcraft.
The dominant party LP is the biggest party, so it's a logical consequence.
Calls for black-only schools are a logical consequence of the Government's emphasis on choice in education.
It did deserve a yellow card so the red was the logical consequence.
Devolution has dramatically changed the way Scotland is governed and this is the logical consequence of that.
The logical consequence of that is that its UK production is running at too high a level and so it has moved to reduce it, with distressing results for the north east.
Yet the decision is a logical consequence of a commitment to adhere to existing UO policies and the law, particularly the law against underage drinking.
Hanson (1997) criticizes a formal-structural characterization of logical consequence in Tarski (1966) and Sher (1991, 1996a).
He astutely observes that the rampant fundamentalism of our day is the logical consequence of the utter secularism embraced in the '60s.