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An example of a logical consequence would be to make a child skip her playtime for the day if she has not finished the work; make her clean the walls if they are scribbled on etc.
She described the new maps for Bahrain's governorates and constituencies as a logical consequence of growth and development Bahraini society is witnessing.
For Hemmelrath, the decision to establish a site in Russia is the logical consequence resulting from the ever-increasing demand in Eastern Europe and the desire to fully meet the specific requirements of the Russian market.
For us, the first dmexco Satellite event in Singapore is merely the logical consequence of the fact that this location is also one of the most important gateways to Asia.
If the camper is constantly talking to friends in the safety briefing, moving him or her away from the friends is a logical consequence.
All of a sudden, I got branded as a contemporary-music specialist," she says, perhaps the logical consequence of being a quick study with an impressive musical education.
The board did not agree with me on this logical consequence but I believe my observation is correct.
This freeze is not a punishment or a sanction, but the logical consequence of a decision Switzerland made.
The logical consequence will be to accelerate the degree of .
The acquisition is a logical consequence of the companies' cooperation dating back to 2008.
The recent report by LHH, based on 2,000 people made redundant from middle and senior management roles, concluded that the situation was a logical consequence of a development over the last few years that saw firms bring highly qualified workers to Switzerland.
Orakzai said it does not need an Aristotle to sketch out the logical consequence of the long march if two Judges of this Court somehow cannot spare time on Saturday.