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And Mickey introduced them to the long con, targeting two ruthless businessmen who specialised in acquiring other people's patents and launching them as their own.
No one's playing the long con any more," various characters told us (several times).
Robert's newest incarnation is Albert Stroller, a veteran of the long con who is charged with picking the right targets for his team of defrauders -who make their money from elaborate and ingenious scams in the BBC's new super-slick drama, Hustle.
And though their sleight of hand was finally and devastatingly exposed in the global crash of 2008-09, it had, in truth, been a long con, whose real sting had already been seen in the widening gulf of opportunities and outcomes for individuals and regions across Britain.
Emma (Kelly Adams) and Sean Kennedy (Matt Di Angelo) join the team, and Mickey (Adrian Lester, above) introduces them to the long con, targeting two ruthless businessmen.
Ash has changed his tactics and is off the long con market, Albert is in jail, while the others are trying their luck in America.
THE ethical con merchants continue the new series with style, and the additions of the long con element and the celebrity guest appearance are keeping it fresh.
Adrian Lester is Mickey Bricks, the best con artist in the business and the only one still attempting the long con.