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Although we're still a long way from having helpful robots like Rosie from The Jetsons whizzing around long-term care facilities corridors, robotic technology is making its way into nursing homes.
The current environment of the nearly 17,000 long-term care facilities in the country cries out for innovative solutions: the demand for chronic, specialized long-term care services is rising rapidly while the supply of staffing to provide those services is shrinking.
An RRG in Florida, the first of its kind to be organized with state funding approved by the legislature, was established to offer insurance options to long-term care facilities.
Based on our work in many long-term care facilities, we have found that unexpressed and unrecognized pain can lead to aggressive events.
Long-term care facilities just have to be ready to make the leap.
This article has set long-term care facilities back, for administration will question using gowns and the cost of doing so.

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