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The findings, published online May 21 in the journal Aging, come from Einstein's Longevity Genes Project, which includes over 500 Ashkenazi Jews over the age of 95, and 700 of their offspring.
Still, the analysis of longevity genes may prove useful in screening for age-related diseases and tailoring the use of medicines, the authors said in the journal Science.
Vivendin is proven to activate the longevity genes (Sirtuins) of the epidermal cells using Ineocell Technology, a cell targeted delivery mechanism.
Resveratrol, he explains, appears to activate what are known as the sirtuin genes--sometimes referred to as scarcity or longevity genes.
Finding longevity genes is only one of many goals for gerontologists.
Even a strategy like calorie restriction, which has some interesting scientific basis, feeds into the weight loss and longevity frenzy when questionable future pills that will manipulate longevity genes are peddled prematurely.
We have identified many of the genes that regulate aging and the proteins encoded by these longevity genes are the targets of our drug discovery efforts.
Meanwhile, Thomas Perls of Harvard is hunting for longevity genes.