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STEVEDORE. A person employed in loading and unloading vessels. Dunl. Adm. Pr. 98. Vide Arrameurs; Sac

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The union contract between longshoremen and the companies that operate six grain terminals in the Pacific Northwest expired Sept.
This activism led to some important victories for East Coast longshoremen, including the establishment of a Guaranteed Annual Income for workers.
Three hundred longshoremen of APMT Taiwan, a subsidiary of MAERSK, will also lose their jobs.
14, FISC Pearl longshoremen and Naval Reserve cargo handlers marched up the Pililaau ramp to begin what turned out to be nearly a 100-hour loading operation.
Among the longshoremen, Theriault reports, "almost everyone, including most of the rank and file, were seriously caught up in politics, both in the union and the world outside.
Talks between longshoremen and shipping lines had ended when the union rejected the latest contract proposal.
Speaking at a news conference, Ghosn said he hopes longshoremen will return to work so that Nissan's production operations in the United States can keep running.
by the International Longshoremen Association AFL-CIO Local 1575 (Local 1575) in the U.
In exchange, port operators and governments must do a better job of retraining and placing the ousted longshoremen.
It is a straightforward and mostly-objective account of the unions' leadership and the interaction among rank-and-file ships' crews, longshoremen, and waterfront teamsters.
Like the longshoremen immortalized in On the Waterfront, the former working class has been transmogrified into a quasi-lumpenproletariat pool of servants known as temp workers, a class without job security, benefits, or political influence.
Innkeepers at check-in desks, Judges in night court, Kitchen hands at truck stops, Longshoremen at the port.