Lord's day

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LORD'S DAY. The same as Sunday. (q.v.) Dies Dominicus non est juridicus. Co. Litt. 135; Noy's Max. 2.

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In this way Sunday becomes the soul of the other days so that the perfect Christian is, in a sense, always in the Lord's Day.
Incentive payments for workers forced to work on the Lord's Day.
Fred English, Calgary agent of the CPR, has been served with four notices of infringement of the Lord's Day Act by the RNWMP authorities.
Here's something else we noticed: Tickets don't sell well on the Lord's Day.
There is but one day we are called to keep holy -- the Lord's Day.
I took some deep breaths to steady myself as I took in the first fingers of light, indicating the sunrise soon to come, on this first day of the week, the Lord's Day.
The Rise and Fall of the Lord's Day, Yorkton, Gravelbooks, 2004, xxiii, 253 p.
Its unassuming beginning occurred on May 30, 1982 when Big M Drug Mart was charged with selling groceries, plastic cups and a bicycle lock thereby "unlawfully carrying on the sale of goods" contrary to the federal Lord's Day Act.
DUP councillor Roy Gillespie said: "It is not the sort of example we should be setting and I was disgusted when I heard work was taking place on the Lord's Day.
The headings included "Prophanation of the Lord's Day," "Drunkeness," "Swearing and Cursing," "Lewd and Disorderly Practices," and "Gaming.
People across the globe know that Ulster's Lord's Day Observance Society - of which Nelson is an ex-leader - is a prime mover in trying to make things crap on a Sunday.
Lawson pointed to the drinking and smoking gangs of men who collected near his church in Baltimore on the Lord's Day at the time of his services.