Lost papers

LOST PAPERS. When a paper containing an agreement between parties, a will, and the like, has been so mislaid, that after a diligent search it cannot be found, it is said to be lost.
     2. When such a document has been lost, and it is required to prove its contents, the party must prove that he has made diligent search, and, in good faith, exhausted all sources of information accessible to him. For this purpose his own affidavit is sufficient. 1 Atk. 446; 1 Greenl. Ev. Sec. 349. On being satisfied of this, the court will allow secondary evidence to be given of its contents. See Evidence.
     3. Even a will proved to be lost, may be admitted to probate, upon secondary evidence. 1 Greenl. Ev. Sec. 84, 509, 575; 2 Greenl. Ev. Sec. 668, a, 2d ed. But the fact of the loss must be proved by the clearest evidence, because it may have been destroyed by the testator animo revocandi. 8 Mete. 487; 2 Addams, 223; 6 Wend. 173; 1 Hagg. Eccl. R. 115; 3 Pick. 67; 5 B. Munroe, 58; 2 Curt. 913.

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Al-Sharbi said when he lost his wallet containing his iqama and driving license, he immediately reported the case to the police, but was surprised when police told him to go to the downtown area of Bab Sharif to look for his lost papers there.
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To be fair, Mr Parker did only tell officials about the lost papers nine months before the results were published, so you can't really expect them to correct the mistake at such short notice.
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Bamuta's campaign, though, kept bogging down in lost papers and debates over money.
Hundreds of thousands have lost their jobs and income, and many have lost papers and medicines, or are in other states where their health coverage might not apply.
With Dr O'Toole failing to win the final seat, that went to the Lib Dems, by a margin of 11,525 it is clear the lost papers were crucial.
Carvalho, author of several collections of poetry (among them a volume of Portuguese versions of poems from various African tribes) and of ethnographic essays as well as a maker of documentary films, has now produced this mystery story told by an anthropologist (Carvalho himself) to a friend about his obstinate search for the lost papers of an English hunter and fellow anthropologist in Angola.
A new survey commissioned by Office Depot (NYSE:ODP), a leading global provider of office products and services, reveals that many individuals (34 percent) lose significant amounts of time - more than 15 minutes a day or nearly two hours every week - hunting for lost papers, sorting through messy files and rebooking missed appointments.
LOST papers belonging to "matchstick men" artist LS Lowry, showing how little his paintings sold for in his lifetime, are going up for auction.