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THE LOVE BUG is a story of change, goodness and evolution that takes the simple charge of world peace and applies it to a story of how one individual embarks on a journey to change the world on a massive scale.
Ms Richards said: "If our single shoppers don't find love playing the Love Bug game in store they can still bag themselves a date from Asda.
Shortly after the Love Bug went epidemic, however, these sites were shut down, and the Trojan could no longer be fetched--even as millions of computers afflicted by the Bug (and its later variants) continued to try.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-9 February 2001-New variation of Love Bug virus deemed low risk by Sophos (C)1994-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
A listing of last year's top viruses by anti-virus vendor Sophos shows that Kakworm was the most common virus of the year--more prevalent than the much-trumpeted Love Bug.
It said that as of Friday, it had received 593 reports of the virus in November alone from computer users, far exceeding the 350 it received in total for the Love Bug.
The developer of the Love Bug disguised the virus as a benign e-mail carrying the messages ''ILOVEYOU'' and ''Kindly check the attached love letter coming from me.
Viruses like the Love Bug prey on our inquisitive nature and turn virus fighting into a psychological as well as a technological battle," said Graham Cluley, for Sophos Anti-Virus.
I chose not to address this topic in my story for two reasons: because I had not heard of a single instance of a phone virus, and because the hysteria over the Love Bug and FW: Joke viruses didn't need any more stoking from the computer press.
As you know, the Love Bug virus was launched from the Far East, and it attacked computers around the world running Microsoft Outlook for Windows.
Tomlinson, 83, shot to fame in the 1960s, starring in more than 50 films including the first Herbie film, The Love Bug, and alongside Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins, as the stern father of Jane and Michael Banks.
Though similar in some ways to last year's Melissa virus, the love bug moved faster, spread farther, and had a much more devastating effect on computer systems (SN: 5/8/99, p.