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This release contains forward-looking statements, including those pertaining to expectations regarding the introduction of new products, including its WaveJet family, its sales in Japan, its relationship with Iwatsu, its strategy to enter into the low end of the oscilloscope market, the effects of the new product line, and second-quarter revenues, pro forma operating income and product margins.
The Benchmark DLT1 will be an interesting one to watch and may be an ultimate winner at this low end of the market because of its high capacity, ability to use DLT media, and considerable price difference when compared to DLT.
Due to its extremely large installed base, Iomega's Zip dominates the low end removable magnetic market.
IDC expects strong growth in the low end removable magnetic storage market will continue in the year ahead.
We expect that R&D expenses will be at the low end of our October 19 guidance range of $14.
We expect that SG&A expenses will be in the middle of our April 20 guidance range of $13 million to $14 million, and that R&D expenses will be at the low end of the guidance range of $14 million to $15 million," Akins commented.
While we continue to meet customer needs at the high end of the RP market, our revolutionary-priced family of 3D printers continues to drive unprecedented growth for Stratasys at the low end.
Stromberg's growth was highlighted by the addition of key client accounts, strategic partnerships and divesting its low end time and attendance product line.
Second Generation NPU Sets a New Standard for Performance and Integration for Midrange Enterprise and Low End Metro Ethernet Designs
Based on the company's highly efficient data flow architecture the X11 will bring high function, low cost network processors to midrange enterprise and low end metro Ethernet designs.
Asyst anticipates that the sale of its WRC business will reduce expected net sales to the range of $70-$72 million, versus previous guidance of $75 million, will reduce expected gross margin to the low end of the guided range of 24-26%, and will drive pro forma operating expenses to the low end of the guided range of $29-$30 million.
It complements Proteon's high-performance 16-bit p1392 ISA adapter, priced at $665, and enables the company to set new price~performance standards for the high and low ends of the ISA market and provide customers with a choice of adapters to match their needs.

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