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NYSE: NWY) today announced, in preparing to address participants at the 5th Annual Cowen and Company conference and the 9th Annual ICR XChange conference, that it currently expects fourth quarter diluted earnings per share at the low end of the earnings guidance range provided on November 16, 2006 of $0.
Recovering from the digression into the midrange, let's look at some of the points of light in low end tape.
Comparable store sales were at the low end of guidance, primarily due to increased clearance at the Zales brand.
There's only one sweet spot at the low end and that's where the lowest of the low resides--until it's knocked off by the next bottom-fisher.
Seriously, everybody's been focused on the high end, the SAN end, for a while, but storage is a cyclical business and it's time for the low end of the market to make a comeback this year.
The low end is both a growing and revenue-captivating opportunity.
In fact, they're probably heating up with such upstarts as Benchmark and Ecrix chipping away at the low end, Exabyte's Mammoth 2 and Sony's AIT-2 fighting out the 8mm battles in the $2,000-3,000 range, and Super DLT and LTO poised to duke it out for market share that was once almost exclusively the territory owned by DLT.

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