Low water mark

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LOW WATER MARK. That part of the shore of the sea to which the waters recede when the tide is the lowest. Vide High Water Mark; River; Sea Shore; Dane's Ab. h.t.; 1 Halst. R. 1.

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To induce persons to erect them, the common law of England was altered by an ordinance, providing that the proprietor of land adjoining on the sea or salt water, shall hold to low water mark, where the tide does not ebb more than one hundred rods, but not more where the tide ebbs to a greater distance.
As a measure of the Company's ability to generate cash to fund the aftermath of the cessation of video gaming in South Carolina, positive EBITDA/L (Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation Amortization and License Fees) of $397,278 is also the low water mark for the Company post video gaming in South Carolina.
Coastel's service area (MSA 306B), which covers virtually the entire Gulf, is defined by the area bounded by a line extending from the Florida Keys to Brownsville, Texas, and the low water mark of the entire U.
The concession stretches north from Diaz Point in the south to Hottentots Point in the north and from the low water mark seawards 12 kilometers.
Once the low water mark is reached, the process automatically stops.
Thomas chooses exactly the right quote, from John Gosden: "The issue with Frankie was always trying to keep him between the high and low water marks .
As with previous weeks, the best chance of finding any cod has been to fish the various rock edge and low water marks throughout the region from whereanglers have reported cod to 7lb with the odd low double-figure specimen as a bonus among them.
The record total is 70 percent more than the board issued in 2001 and 2002; the low water marks during Texas's medical liability crisis.
Tree stumps are embedded one metre below the sands between high and low water marks.
When these two sides met earlier in the season, it marked the lowest of low water marks for former manager Glenn Roeder amid claims the Hammers changed at a hotel rather than use the facilities at Millmoor.
I think you need to establish your low water marks and then try to improve your standards," Stephens said.
The volunteers will survey their chosen species living between the high and low water marks to establish the spread of species and whether some are being affected by climate change.