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To put into action, practice, or force; to make use of something, such as a right or option.

To exercise dominion over land is to openly indicate absolute possession and control.

To exercise discretion is to choose between doing and not doing something, the decision being based on sound judgment.


(Discharge a function), verb act, administer, carry into execution, carry on, carry out, conduct, do duty, efficere, engage in, execute, exercere, facere, officiate, perform, practice, pursue, put in motion, put into action, put into effect, put into practice, serve as, translate into action, wage
Associated concepts: authority exercised under the United States Constitution, exercise an option, exercise jurisdiccion, exercise of judicial discretion
Foreign phrases: Cui jurisdictio data est, ea quoque connessa esse videntur, sine quibus jurisdictio explicari non potest.To whomsoever jurisdiction is given, those things also are supposed to be granted, without which the jurissiction cannot be exercised. Frustra est potentia quae nunquam venit in actum. A power is a vain one if it is never exercised.


(Use), verb apply, avail oneself of, bring into play, bring to bear, draw on, employ, make use of, operate, practice, put in action, put in practice, put to use, put to work, turn to account, utilize, wield
Associated concepts: exercise a right to vote, exercise an option, exercise discretion, exercise dominion, exercise due care, exercise of power
See also: act, apply, campaign, commission, discipline, effort, employ, endeavor, enterprise, exert, exploit, labor, officiate, operate, ply, practice, problem, resort, transaction, undertaking, wield, work
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Researchers say that low-impact aerobics combined with stretching and strengthening exercise effectively reduce low back pain.
Low-impact exercise such as swimming, cycling, stretching, walking, and low-impact aerobics are recommended.
A 16-week exercise program (30 to 40 minutes of brisk walking or low-impact aerobics four times a week) improved the quality, duration, and ease of falling asleep in healthy older adults.
Balance requirements were minimized and the same one or two steps were incorporated into a variety of routines, the low-impact aerobics routines often had sports-related motifs such as basketball shooting, baseball pitching and batting and boxing routines incorporated into the movements.
Sports like weight training, shot-putting and low-impact aerobics are good because they don't have to carry their weight too far and can use their body mass effectively.
I'll get you started on learning to use these, and then you can join my low-impact aerobics class.
All are hoping to reap the benefits of exercise such as ballroom dancing, race walking, low-impact aerobics, and weight training.
At Mountain Trek in British Columbia, hikes are combined with weight training and low-impact aerobics.
The researchers encouraged the women to take at least one hour-long, low-impact aerobics class and two brisk, 30-minute walks a week.

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