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In Antrim two men suffered head, neck and back injuries when a gunman struck on a loyalist estate.
The move came amid mounting fears in Northern Ireland that Loyalist paramilitaries might end their own ceasefire, on the eve of its second anniversary.
Priority will be given to a student of proven Loyalist descent.
The police and fire brigade were called to the jail near Belfast at 8pm after inmates set Bann House - a loyalist wing - on fire.
If the loyalists made the first move on decommissioning, they would prove their sincerity.
And that would almost certainly lead to a bloody backlash from Loyalist hardliners in the UVF and UFF.
The goal of the Hamilton Branch Loyalist Burial Plaquing Committee was to honour, celebrate and remember those original United Empire Loyalists who are buried in the Hamilton area.
He added: "There has been a situation in recent years where loyalists have been criminalised simply because of their beliefs.
Loyalists in Portadown have already eliminated a number of suspected informers and it is believed that the finger of suspicion now points in the direction of a former top Belfast loyalist who moved to the Portadown area early last year.
While a certain percentage of the Loyalists were of English background, and the assemblage in general did contain professionals and some from the upper echelons of society, that was far from the whole story.
The Special Branch have not charged or prosecuted any loyalists for these murders or gun and bomb attacks.
And yesterday afternoon RUC officers in riot gear had to move into the Diamond area of the city centre where drunken loyalists threw beer bottles as they attempted to make their way towards the nationalist Bogside area.