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An internal validation method, leave one out cross validation (LOOCV), was applied to evaluate overall model performance as in previous LUR studies (Eeftens et al.
They don't have any vision and programs for our country and that is why I came back to work for peace," Lur observed.
We add to this literature by exploiting large cross-sectional variability in the LUR in U.
After the initial training Gowon's first preaching site was his home village, Lur.
Le reis Pende dunt ay parle 148 Les cheres enfanz out engendre Ke Dampnedeu a sei choisi; Lur non avez assez oy; L'une est nome Keneburc, 152 Et l'autre ad non Eadburc, Seinte Osith fu del parente, Kar lur niece fu pur verite; Example prist de lur chastete, 156 Pur Dampnedeu servir a gre; Entains en sa primere enfance En fiz Deu out sa fiance; Entente e tut s'amur 160 Aveit en Deu son creatur; Richesce aveit a grant noblei Si cume fillie a riche rei; Plente de beivre (ms: deivre) e de manger, 164 Et quanque l'em ad en mund cher; Mes trestut ce petit preisa, Pur Deu despit e tut lessa, La richesce ne tut le bien 168 K'eu mund veeit ne preise rien; Bien le sachez ke la pucele De face estoit e clere e bele,
In addition, our previous study revealed that ethylene may be involved in the regulation of kernel abortion (Cheng and Lur, 1996).
But the oddest sound of the night came from two fearsome, bearded Vikings who were greeting guests with their famous lur horns.
For an example of using the orderings, consider a scenario where the transformer designer decides that LUR is an extremely beneficial transformation for the target architecture.
III] Tuit li angle ki sunt el cel Nule feiz ne pensent de el For de Deu servir [tut] a gre, 16 Co est tutte lur volunte.
After the LUR reforms, the establishment of an efficient price mechanism to allocate land resources among different users is regarded as of the utmost importance.
org party taking place at the Ama Lur restaurant in the Gaylord Texan Hotel on Tuesday, September 28 at 9:30 p.