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Klippel-trenaunay syndrome: The importance of 'geographic stains' in identifying lymphatic disease and risk of complications.
The major offending organisms in lymphatic filariasis are Wuchereria bancrofti and Brugia malayi or Brugia timori.
However, if chylous ascites and retroperitoneal rupture is present at laparotomy, the retroperitoneal space should be explored and the ruptured lymphatics must be ligated to stop chyle leakage.
The patient was diagnosed as Multisegmental Lymphatic Dysplasia with systemic involvement.
19) On immunohistochemistry, lymphatics are expected to be positive for both podoplanin and CD31.
Lymphatic filariasis in India: epidemiology and control measures.
25%; Daiichi Pharmaceutical, Tokyo, Japan) was injected into the bladder near the tumour during radical cystectomy; within 5 minutes, lymphatic vessels draining from the bladder were visualized by the FN system.
5 He postulated that lymphatic cisterns in the deep subcutaneous tissue arise from early lymph tissue sacs during embryonic development.
6) Areas adjacent to the primary tumour were avoided to prevent the inclusion of tissue containing local direct infiltration of lymphatics and to preclude examining tissue in which local effects of the tumour could cause oedema.
Histologically, the architecture of blood and lymphatic vessels share similarities but blood vessels recruit supporting pericytes and smooth muscle cells which produce extracellular matrix as the vasculature matures whereas lymphatics have only a sparse covering of recruited supporting cells and lack a continuous basement membrane.
There was no tumor cells (emboli) within intratumoral or peritumoral proliferating lymphatics.
The connection between symptoms related to the head and compromised lymphatics is not always recognised by clients or medical staff.