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The M2A capsule - consisting of a microchip camera, light-emitting diodes that act as a flash, Zarlink's RF transmitter chip, antenna and two silver- oxide batteries - is swallowed by the patient and then passes naturally through the digestive tract.
The American Medical Association has established a permanent CPT code for reimbursement of capsule endoscopy, reported the manufacturer of the M2A capsule, Given Imaging Ltd.
Paul Stark, president of the BioBalance division said, "This discovery was made possible by use of the M2A Capsule Endoscope from Given Imaging LTD.
Given Imaging today reaffirmed its belief that M2A capsule endoscopy is a safe and effective diagnostic tool for evaluating disease of the small bowel.
The M2A capsule endoscope, which is the key feature of the Given Diagnostic System (Given Imaging), is a wireless device that captures images through the use of a tiny encapsulated video camera that is ingested by the patient.