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The National Quality Leader Award means MCHC not only beat its own historical performance, but also was in the top of all health centers, and even exceeded national benchmarks in some areas.
The reference intervals currently in use for red cell parameters accommodate the differences found between males and females for RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH and MCHC.
A continuous increase in hematocrit with a relatively stable hemoglobin level led to a steady decline in MCHC over time.
An initial CBC was performed and revealed an anemia, marked polychromatophilia, numerous spherocytes, a slightly elevated MCHC, and mild thrombocytopenia.
The Manchester Community Health Center's new president and CEO, Kris McCracken has been with MCHC since 1996, first as a crisis outreach counselor, then as a client and family services manager and then as director of operations.
A Interference with routine hemoglobin determinations may be suspected when the MCH and/or MCHC appear unlikely and can occur when lipid levels are elevated (lipemia).
More and more institutions across the nation are adding APRNs and PAs to their provider teams, but are often challenged on how to optimally use these roles," said Trish Anen, RN, MBA, MCHC Vice President, Clinical Services.
Differences between juveniles (J) and adults (A) were identified for TPP (J < A), MCH (J > A), and MCHC (J > A).
Mean values of MCV, MCH and MCHC decreased with respect to time but this reduction was relatively more in mean MCV as compared to others.
Because other anemias, most notably the thalassemias, are also characterized by low MCV, MCH, and MCHC, additional tests are needed for confirmation of IDA.
They recorded no significant changes in RBC count, haematocrit value, hemoglobin content and the blood indices MCHC, MCV and MCH.
Technical limitations of this marker are related to its sensitivity to temperature and storage (over time, red cells swell, MCHC decreases, and %HYPO increases) and to the inaccurate determination of MCHC by electrical impedance instruments in samples with hypochromic erythrocytes (12).