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0004 (42) PT8 (28), PT14b (12), PT13a (1), PT22 (1) Country and CRISPR MLVA type period of type (no.
The macrolide-resistant strains belonged to the predominant subtype 1 in P1 typing but differed in MLVA type (2/3/6/6/2, 2/4/5/7/2, and 5/4/5/7/2).
Serotype, PFGE PulseNet pattern and NYS MLVA designation were determined by using standard methods (10,12-14) before sequencing.
The Simpson index of diversity, which measures the probability that 2 unrelated strains from the test population will be classified into different typing groups (20), was calculated to compare the discriminative power of PFGE typing with that of MLVA for assessing genetic diversity among isolates.
Details of the 96 Prn-negative isolates, including individual prn, fim, and ptxP alleles, SP, MLVA type, and mechanism of prn disruption, are shown in the online Technical Appendix Table.
In this study, we used MLVA to characterize 222 clinical and environmental V.