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Wind power is among the fastest-growing sources of energy generation, and an application example is the wind mill flap control, in which large numbers of MOSFETs are used.
Integrating the Schottky diode with the MOSFET on a single chip not only saves board space but also improves device performance in three major ways compared to using separate or copackaged components.
MRF6S21100N: An N-channel, enhancement-mode lateral power MOSFET with output power of 35 dBm, gain of 14.
2 mm footprint of the SOT-723 package utilizes 44 percent less board space than similar performing MOSFETs offered in the SC-89 or SC-75 packages.
Samples and production quantities of the new PolarPAK power MOSFETs are available now, with lead times of 8 to 10 weeks for larger orders.
International Rectifier's patented DirectFET MOSFET packages present a new set of design advantages not previously delivered by standard plastic discrete packages.
In this same analysis, the MOSFET temperatures are lowest in the circuit using two IRF6641TRPBF devices per socket.
This reference design demonstrates the SmartRectifier features by resolving the output rectification function using a combination of one IR1166SPbF IC and two IRF7853 (SR) MOSFETs in parallel.
The next generation PSP MOSFET model includes key elements that will enable us to accurately model RF behavior more quickly, and ultimately deliver leading edge solutions to market," said Mats Lindstrom, division director of RF design for Conexant's Broadband Media Processing.
The result is up to 30% less ringing as well as less power loss due to synchronous MOSFET shoot-through.
Utilizing Fairchild's PowerTrench(R) MOSFET technology, the high-side "control" MOSFET (FDS6298) and the low-side "synchronous" MOSFET (FDS6299S) form a chip set providing increased current density and improved efficiency in synchronous buck converter applications.